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An-An`s Black Pearl,
born 13th of August 2017
from kennel An-An in Tau, Norway.
HD: left: D Right: B and AA: 0
An-An`s Black Pearl.
Saint Nicholas Mon Ange, black,
HD: unknown
Suvenir Midasa Uelfair
HD: unknown
Nochnoy Dozor Bi`Fros HD: unknown
Suel Sihote-Alinn Tango Snexhnoy Vy
(HD: Unknown
Divine Meranda Fon Lemberg
HD: unknown
Brooklyn Laska Faina HD: unknown
Divine Lyara Mon Ange HD: unknown
Nch. Dian Shan Broad Majestic Shannon
HD:D. Red
Dian Shan Independent Masha
HD: unknown
Litchi Chow Fengshui HD: unknown
Incipit Uma HD: A AD:1
(HD: unknown
Dian Shan Never Ending Story HD:unknown
Dian Shan Jia-Jia, HD: unknown

Blacki July,2022
visiting Siri, Glede and Debussy, Stabekk
Mum Margaret prepering dinner.
Daddy Jostein prepering for the travel back to Bergen.
Year 2020

Two good friends taking a nap
I`m visiting Siri. Here are me, Glede and Johansin.

Year 2019
This summer we went to see Siri and Glede på Stabekk in Boyesvei. We had a lovely week, with friends coming by.

Year 2018
Blacki is happy when Karma comes visiting.
They have a great time together
Karma has gone home, Blacki loves the view from the balcony
But it is OK with Money (the old lady) too.
21st of January.
Blacki had her first long walk outside our garden
and took dads place in the sofa, well did he allow this or not?
An-An`s Black Pearl "Blacki" 9 weeks at her new home in Norway
Blacki loves her new garden
Me and Johannes 5th of November
Me and John-Christian 5th of November
I`m 12 weeks and 9.2 kg. I get lots of love from my new family.
They adore my and I am in heaven.
What more can a puppy want?
Blacki 11.12.17
Blacki and Moneypenny. Finely snow, we love it.
We had no Christmas-tree because of Blacki. So we collected branches and decorated.
Blacki got to take a peek when the boys came with the presents.
I did`n do anything wrong
And at the end she went to bed - and mum was not pleased.