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Noble Melody's Honey Pie (Pia)
born 06. January 2003 - died 19th of October 2010

We got in touch with Siri Bjotvet and Kennel Noble Melody.
On 6 January 2003 the bitch Rosa had a litter and we were over
the moon when we were told that we could buy Noble Melody's
Honey Pie (Pia).
She was a dady`s dog and loved walking in the nature.
We went to shows around in the districts and she loved meeting
other dogs. She was our first champion.

September the 30.th, 2005, Pia`s story:
It was a sad choice to make, this summer. We decided to replace
Pia. She was in heat in spring and the scab came back - for the
third time. The vet. gave her s shot and we reckoned everything
was OK, but it wasn`t.
The itch didn`t go away and now it was Pia`s mentality that
suffered. Pia used to be a dog full of joy. We now watched her
withdraw from the other dogs. She just wanted to lie by our feet,
she showed no pleasure in anything.

Noble Melody`s Honey Pie

Eugènie de Teochiu Chow (Geeni)
born 12 September 1996, died 7th of February 2008

She was our second dog from Teochiu Kennel Chow.
When we got her we started to participate at shows.

7th of February 2008 we had to take Geeni to the vet. She had
already been on medicine for a forth night and she did not get
better. It was her shoulder.
She was a old lady - 11 years and 4 months and the decision to
get her to sleep was not easy, but necessary.

We had some lovely years with her and we have plenty of good
memories. Geeni never enjoyed parading in front of the judges,
even if she received a lot of prizes, including CC but did not
become a champion.

Eugènie de Teochiu-Chow

Zinober Darling Maya (Maya)born 14 January 2001
came to live with us in October 2001. She had already had a
hip joint operation. Not long after we got her she had to have
a ligament operation. Later we found out that she also had HD=E.

Through short walks in rugged terrain we managed to keep her
healthy and well though. We had to put Maya to sleep because
she was troubled by her HD and the scab treatment had taken
a heavy toll on her. It was sad but at the same time it was the
right decision to make for Maya's own good.
As everyone who owns an animal knows you have to be
prepared for such things

Zinober Darling Maya

C'hengtus Gambler (Gambler)born 22 August 1991
He needed a new home. He was 5 years old and the previous
year had not been a good one for him. He had a food allergy
and it was established that he had too little thyroxin.

He loved long walks and we enjoyed his company for five years.
When we lost Gambler the local chairman of the Chow Club
contacted us and to ask if we could take care of a chow bitch
that needed a new home. That is how we got Maya.

C`hengtus Gambler

Beatrix de Teochiu-Chow (Cindy)born 26 June 1988.
This dog we were allowed to spend many years with.
Since then there have been more relocated chows and also puppies.

Through Cindy we came in touch with Teochiu Kennel Chow and its owners Eli Britt and Harald Wilhelmsen.
They received us with open arms, and everything that we know
about the breed and how to take care of dogs we have learned
from them.
Cindy was a family dog only. At that time we were not interested
in participating at shows.
When we lost her in January 1996 the house was suddenly very
empty and quiet. We could still her the sound of her little paws
even when we knew we would never be greeted by her lovely
snoute again.

Beatrix de Teochiu-Chow (Cindy)