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  Maya Geeni Pia

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Margaret og
Jostein Bruntveit
Sandven Hageby 2
5229 Kalandseidet,

tlf 55 10 23 19
mobil 94163026.

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N.chk Bellavos Black Miss Moneypenny,
born 12th of November 2009 - died 13th of december 2018
HD: A and AA; C - from Bellavos kennel in Denmark.
Bellavos Black Miss Moneypenny, (black).
Multi champ.
Sakumas Sweetest Catch (red)
Simanta Dess Ben Buka
(HD: B - red)
ch El-Pacha von Altun Shan (HD: A - black)
ch Bis Lac Izumi (HD: A - creme)
Piuk Chow Pretty Precious (red) ch Dawnanda Don Avitchi (red)
Piuk Chow Precious Juliet (red)
Dian Shan Kou Kou (creme)
Dian Shan Poseidon (black)
multi ch Shi-Yang`s Hei Manzu (black)
Nang-Wa Bai-Ming Chou (red)
C`hentu`s Creme Dream
(HD: B - creme)
Nickelodeons Creme Upon My Soul
(HD: A creme)
C`hengtu`s Blue Flame (HD: A blue)

Year 2018

Moneypenny 9 weeks at her new home in Norway
Moneypenny 4 months
Moneypenny loves her garden. March 2010
Moneypenny combed and prepared for the show
Moneypenny BIG2
Moneypenny in the car 25.7.10
Moneypenny 26th of May 2013
Show result : EXL, BIR, CK, CERT
Bergen Travpark Norsk Miniatyrhund Klub
Jugde: Antonio Di Lorenzo
Moneypenny went N.chk, NKK, Bergen
11th of march 15. Jugde: Francesco Cochetti
Moneypenny August 2015

Here are both dogs testing a Christmas-present 2017
Boxing Day and Moneypenny are relaxing.