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Blacki july, Stabekk
Glede and Debussy july, Stabekk
Ares died suddenly at home at night, wednesday the 16th of december, 2020. He was a lovely boy and is dearly missed.
Johansin Ares`s brother died 14th of October 2021
from arthrosis in his spine
Johansin has a lovely time togehter with Glede
Glede love to play wih Johansin, but must take a rest.
I have been visiting Glede, Siri and Johansin 8th of October 2019
It was so good to see Johansin, from my first litter 2011
Week 32:
Blacki and Karma had some lovely days together.
We had a lovely week, with friends coming by.
Blacki and Margaret loves to take a siesta during the afternoon
Money don`t like sieasta, but loves the sunshine
Sunday, october 14th. Enjoying a few hours without rain.
Can you see the small tennisball?
and Money is resting from Blackis joyfull playing
Aslan died 9th of Ocktober 2018 from arthrosis

Blacki went BIR with Cert 29th of September 2018 at BSBK
Aslan visiting us at Kalandseidet July 2018
Johansin visiting Glede at Stabekk July 2018
Moneypenny resting in the garden
Blacki resting togther with Moneypenny

Here I`m with my friends at the Cafè for Dogs 23.05.2018
Aragorn the Protector "Johansin" am I finished now?

Dad, Money and Blacki had a great time 21.1.18.
Dad and Money resting after a lovely day out.
Sunny Pie`s Apollon the Maestro 14th of november 2017

Whow.. the first snow this year. I wonder what I can do with it
Maestro died from Ilius (Tarmslyng) 12th of December 2017
Dad`s comming home from work. Blacki and Money loves him
Here Blacki is showing her best
Blacki and Moneypenny, Ocktober 2017
Blacki and Aslan, October 2017
Sunny Pie`s Aslan the Great Lion - 6 years
Sunny Pie`s Apollon the Maestro - 6 years
Meet our new Chow - beautiful Blackie.
Saturday October 7th Jostein is going to Tau in Rogaland
for bringing her home to us in Bergen.
We are looking forward to get a new family member.
Sunny Pie`s Apollon the Maestro 5 years 29th of October 2016
Maestro 5 years
Ares the Black King at his home, August 2015
Ares the Black King at his home, August 2015
Aslan the Great Lion in Beren, august 2015
Aslan the Great Lion_in Bergen, August 2015
Aragorn the Protector "Johansin" at home in Flateby, July 2015
Aragon the Protector "Johansin" at home in Flateby, July 2015
Apollon the Maestro at home in Stabekk, July 2015
Apollon the Maestro a home in Stabekk, July 2015
Money Penny went Norvegian Champion
11th of April 2015 NKK, Bønes

Noble Melody`s Jaxon the Kee, born 19.10.2004
He died 5th of March 2014 at the age of 9,4 years
from arthrose in his back. He was in great pain and had problems with standing up.
BSBK, Bergen 29th of September 2013
Jugde: Hans Almgren


Skudeneshavn, Karmøy, 28th of July 2013.
Jugde: Harry Tast, Finland


9th of July 2013. Margaret has taken a picture of Maestro in his cave he has made for himself

in the hedge in Boyesvei. He is now 33 kg
and a lovely and happy chow.

I had a lovely time together with Johansin
12th of July 2013.
He is a big dog at 33 kg with a lovely selfred coat
and full of life.

26 of May 2013

Bellavos Black Miss Moneypenny "Money"

Bergen Travpark Norsk Miniatyrhund Klub
Jugde: Antonio Di Lorenzo
Show result: EXL, BIR, CK, CERT
Fem exc type Very good prop in body Strong bones Very good coat and Ang in rear and front Exs eyes for breed and muzzle.
Nice female. Very good movement

May 2013 - Ares the Black King "Ares"

.... visited us and vi had a lovely time..

May 2013 - Aragorn the Protector "Johansin"

.... love to have people around.

April 2013 - Apollon the Maestro

.... is the king of the garden.

March 2013 - Aslan the Great Lion is know a big boy

who loves to play outdoors with his family.

Ares the Black King at Christmas 2012, walking

together with dad Geir and his brother Fabio.

Hey everybody.
Here are photos of Aragorn the Protector (Johansin) and Apollon the Maestro and Aslan the Great Lion on their first birthday - 29th of Ocktober 2012


SUMMER 2012 :
We have had some lovely weeks this year visiting
Ares, Maestro, Johansin and Aslan at their homeplaces.
Proud mother : Moneypenny - July 2012

You find new photos under Puppy 2011

Proud father : Jaxon - July 2012

Ares the Black King have entered his first show at:
Skarsenden Kirkenær 26th if May 2012.
Judge: Olena Fesenko

A bit long. Good bons. Strong good sixe. Nice expresion.
Good ears. Good eyes and bite OK. Good pigmentation.
A bit loose lips. Topline OK. Well set tail. Deep chest.
A bit too streight shoulder. Strong hind quarters.
Good moves for age. Free god caracter.

Sunny Pie`s Ares the Black King

New photos of our 4 lovely puppies.
They where 6 months 29th of April

Ares the Black King * Ares
Apollon the Maestro * Maestro
Aragorn the Protector * Johansin
Aslan the Great Lion * Aslan

You find photos under Puppy 2011

Proud parents: Jaxon and Moneypenny
New photos of our 4 lovely puppies.

Ares the Black King
Apollon the Maestro
Aragorn the Protector
Aslan the Great Lion

They are all having a nice time where they are living now.

You find photos under Puppy 2011

PUPPIES BORN: 29th of october 2011

4 boys: One black and three reds:

Ares the Black King, weigth at 8weeks 7850 gr
Apollon the Maestro, weigth at 9 weeks 7800 gr
Aragorn the Protector, weight at 9 weeks 7550 gr
Aslan the Great Lion, weigth at 8 weeks 4950 gr

All 4 boys have now got new very good homes and
will leave us ultimo December / primo January.

You find more info. and photos under Puppy 2011

Summer - July 2010

Jaxon and Moneypenny are having a great time together. Moneypenny is a lovely young lady.
She has also been to her first pyppyshow in Juli 2010. Take a look at Moneypennys own page.

Here Jaxon and Moneypenny is resting on the balcony.

Easter 2010

Jaxon and Moneypenny are having a great time together. Moneypenny is now course participant for puppies. She is very busy and have home-lessons, and she do them very well. Jaxon must sniff all over her when she comes home.

OUR IMPORT FROM DENMARK: Bellavos Black Miss Moneypenny.

Jaxon has accepted her completly and is very patient. She can bite him and crawl all over him.
At night they sleep down by our bed, side by side. One big red dog and a little black one.

Here are some photos taken the day after she arrived in our home: