About us


  Puppy 2011


  1988-2010: Cindy Gambler
  Maya Geeni Pia

  2004-2014 Jaxon
  2009-2018 Moneypenny





Margaret og
Jostein Bruntveit
Sandven Hageby 2
5229 Kalandseidet,

tlf 55 10 23 19
mobil 94163026.

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We are a family of 5 - two grown up sons (aged 25 and 28)
both of them have moved out.
We live in a smal place called Kalandseidet about 15 kilometres from Bergen.
Here we have a house with a lovely garden filled with flowers - overlooking Lake Kalandsvannet.
We are bathed in sun (whenevere it is out) from morning till nigth.

We also have two lovely chow chows, Noble Melody`s Jaxon de Kee (Jaxon), born 19 October 19th 2004 and Bellavos Black Miss Moneypenny from Denmark, born December 12th 2009
We got our first chow in the summer of 1989 when a one-year-old bitch that needed
a new home was given to us. Read more about them under History.
Since then it has been chow only for us.

Sunny Pie`s Litter A from Jaxon and Moneypenny was born 29th of October 2011.